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Will the rain PLEASE STOP!!!!

Hi everyone! The past week has been super busy.....and super wet!!! It rained literally for the last five days and I spent the entire week smelling like wet dog!! :)  Hahaha...not pretty. The dogs don't like it either. They looked at my like I was crazy when I tried to take them out. One day in particular last week I was about a quarter mile from a clients house with two dogs when the heavens opened. By the time we all got back to the house I looked like I had jumped in a pool with my clothes on. Even so, with all the perils of pet sitting, it still beats the heck out of sitting stuck in a cubicle all day. I love it, and wouldn't have it any other way.
Had the pleasure of meeting two new clients over the last couple days. One is a family with two beautiful basset hounds (Rocky and Chloe) that I will be walking next week. I love that breed...the ears are tooooo cute!
The other is a family with 3 chihuahuas and 2 cats. That's right!! 3 chihuahuas! So adorable it's almost ridiculous. I love my job. :)
There are a few long weekends coming up. This weekend is Columbus Day....not much of a holiday but at least many of you get Monday off so that's a bonus. Why not take the significant other on a mini break and I'll watch the furry friends?? Also the major holidays are rapidly approaching. I know quite a few services that are already booked solid for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I still have availability as of now, but requests are coming in quickly. Don't get stuck putting your best friend in a cage while you visit grandma!!! Contact me to book service today!
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