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Dog training

So who is walking who???

Ever have a dog who walked YOU? Do you not enjoy walking your dog because its more of a drag than a walk??? Drag...both literally and fun!! Well today I worked with a very rambunctious lab puppy named Oscar. Incredibly intelligent, sweet dog....but with energy to spare!  The second we got outside I was nearly pulled off my feet. Everything was so exciting and new for him! He would dart toward a bird, then dart straight behind me and tangle me up because he saw another dog. Ever had this happen to you? If you have ever had a big dog the answer is probably YES!! This is a major problem and a safety issue....the dog can cause you to fall, or run into the street, or attack another dog or person if you cannot maintain control. So....what to do??? I'm going to share a training technique that works everytime....and takes just a minute or two to teach. Trust'll thank me later!! :)
 First of all, until he or she is trained to walk with you, keep the leash short. The closer he is to you the more control you will have. So, as you walk...when he starts to pull on you and drag you....grab the leash close to him and turn in completely the opposite direction and continue walking so he has to follow YOU. When he walks with you make sure to praise him. Next time he pulls do it again....switch directions and walk back the opposite way until he follows. Make sure to keep the leash short. once you turn and go the other way enough times the dog will get frustrated and tire of not being able to go where he wants. With lots of praise it only takes a minute or two of this for the dog to "get" that if he pulls you are going backwards. This technique also works if they dart out the door at the beginning of a walk. If he drags you out of your house...drag him right back in. You may have to go out and back in 20 times...but eventually....he will get it. Give it a try!!! Good luck!!!   Jenn
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