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Animal rescue

Rabbit Rescue (or a pet sitters worst nightmare!!)

Isn't it crazy how you just never know what challenges the day may throw at you? I began my Tuesday morning like any, maybe a bagel...and then...I saved a furry little life!!! I literally walked into a pet sitters worst nightmare....check it out....
I was pet sitting for a wonderful family in Crosspointe over this past weekend. They have a beautiful German shepherd named Sandi and three giant (and I mean the size of small dogs) rabbits who live in the backyard. My job was to walk and care for Sandi a couple times a day and put fresh food out for the bunnies every morning. The visits were going just fine and Tuesday morning was my final stop...the family would be home around noon that day.
When I arrived at about 8 am everything seemed fine. I said hello to Sandi and then proceeded to the back deck door to put food out for the rabbits. When I opened the door I saw what looked like a scene from "Fatal Attraction" of the bunnies had tried to go through the metal fencing on the deck and gotten his head stuck. It was horrible...his eyes were covered by his third eyelid and there was blood all over the snow. I freaked! I ran over to him and unbelievably he was still alive!! He had obviously been frantically trying to escape and had injured his back feet from kicking the fence. The bars on the fence were no more than 2 inches or so apart, so his throat was caught tight....there was no way I could pull his head back through. I tried to bend the bars on the fence...expecting that surge of adrenaline you hear so much about that allows mothers to pick up cars when their kids are trapped.......well.......not so much. I couldn't bend them at all. I ran back into the house and grabbed the first thing I saw....a pair of heavy duty dog nail clippers. I ran back out telling the bunny "I WILL SAVE YOU!!!" and proceeded to try to cut the fence. After a million attempts, it finally snapped. I was able to bend the bar and free the bunny. He was messed up. He allowed me to pick him up, and he felt like a sack of potatoes...obviously exhausted from the struggle and I think he knew I was there to help. I had seen a cat carrier in the garage and I figured if I could just get him into that so he could calm down I could see if he needed further help. He actually started to get a bit kicky at this point, which I knew was a good sign because if he couldn't breathe he would not be kicking his legs. I proceeded rabbit in hand back to the deck door.....and realized I had locked myself on the deck. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME I thought. There I coat...kicky rabbit...freezing my butt off....snow on the ground....locked out. NIGHTMARE!! I carried the bunny around to the side yard where another gate was. It was stuck shut by the snow and mud but at this point there was no stopping me. I barreled through that thing! Thank god the garage was still open and I was able to get the bunny safely to the carrier and get back into the house. I called the owners who were so surprised and so thankful. I watched the rabbit for a while and within a few minutes he was looking amazingly good for someone who was almost dead 5 minutes ago. Had I not been there that morning the family would have come home to a tragedy. I was so thankful that it was me who came upon that sight and not the little girl who lived there!  WHEW!!!
I stopped by later that afternoon to visit the patient. He was out on the deck, munching on turnip worse for the wear! :) All's well that ends well I suppose.
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